They are printed to order - we will get them made as quickly as we can, but please keep in mind that this can take up to a week before they can ship.

If you order the Pattern Book: Instructions and Full-Size Patterns (for Jingle Dress or Fancy Shawl, Girls Sizes 18/24 Months to 14/16) and Reference Guide for Making Regalia together, you save $20 off the cost of buying them separately - that's a $100 value for just $80!

If you're not sure what size you need, you can look at the Girls Size Chart. (We'll post additional size charts as we have them available.)

The Reference Guide for Making Regalia and Pattern Book (for Jingle Dress, Girls Sizes 18/24 Months to 14/16 and Women Sizes 4/6 to 20/22, and for Fancy Shawl, Girls Sizes 18/24 Months to 14/16) are based on forty years of sewing experience, making over 600 outfits a year, learning from people who were willing to share their wisdom with us, and through trial and error. What we figured out was how to make regalia in the fastest and most economical way for our family, which we are now sharing with you.

We are making the Girls Jingle Dress (size 18/24 Months to 14/16), Womens Jingle Dress (size 4/6 to 20/22), and Girls Fancy Shawl (size 18/24 Months to 14/16) patterns available now, and will be following this with Womens Fancy Shawl (size 4/6 to 20/22), then Boys Grass Dance (size 18/24 Months to 14/16), Mens Grass Dance, Girls and Womens Traditional, Boys and Mens Traditional, Chicken Dance, and finally Boys and Mens Fancy. It takes several months for each pattern style and size range but it will be worth the wait.