Applique Template Pack #2: Horses/Hoof Prints/Plains Style

Contains instructions on how to make appliques; includes templates and design ideas. DOES NOT INCLUDE PATTERNS or instructions for making a specific regalia style

(For patterns and instructions see Pattern Books, sold separately)

$ 25.00

The Appliqué Template Pack #2 contains the following:

    • 36 Applique Templates - machine cut and made of sturdy white poster board
      • Horses (Simple Horse, Ledger Horse) - Small, Medium, Large
      • Diamonds (Horse Diamonds, Hoof Diamonds) - Small, Medium, Large
      • Stairsteps/Pokey Stairsteps/Pokey Stairstep Frames (2 Stairsteps, 2 Pokey Stairsteps, 2 Pokey Stairstep Frames)  - Small, Large
      • Rectangles - Small, Large
      • Top/Bottom End Caps, Left/Right End Caps - Small, Large
      • Outer Triangles, Inner Triangles, Inner Triangle Frames (2 Outer Triangles, 2 Inner Triangles, 2 Inner Triangle Frames) - Small, Large
      • Long Thin Triangles - Small, Medium, Large
    • Instructions --  Details what you can create, with illustrations  showing combining different templates to make a variety of designs
    • Designing Appliqués --  Information about proportion, placement and shapes to use designing an outfit
    • Making Appliqués -- Step by step instructions on how to actually make the appliqués with colored photos for each step.

With our Fabric Packs, we've taken the guesswork out of coordinating color choices for appliques! We have BasicFire and Water, Brights and Lights, and Old Style fabric sets in bridal satin or sparkle dot, and we have collections of sparkle square, sparkle hologram square, and cotton/polyester broadcloth too... these go great with all of our Appliqué Template Packs!

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