Mens Traditional Outfit: PATTERNS ONLY

  • $ 35.00

IMPORTANT! This product is ONLY for customers who have previously purchased a complete Mens Traditional Pattern Book from us and now only want "just the patterns" in a specific size.

To qualify, you need to locate the Order Number of your original Mens Traditional Pattern Book purchase, and enter that Order Number where indicated below. (If you can't find your original Order Number, contact us and we'll help you find it.)

NOTE: If a qualifying Order Number is not entered, the order will NOT be filled until we can contact you for further information.

When you purchase the Mens Traditional Outfit Pattern Book (for men size Small to XXXL (3XL)) in your choice of size, you get:

    • Choice of one size of Mens customizable patterns from Small to XXXL (3XL)
      • A set of front and back shirt patterns: adjustable to Short, Average, or Tall heights
      • A long sleeve pattern
      • A set of aprons patterns: one stright and one tapered
      • A set of headband/headband medallion patterns: with choice of two sizes of headband medallions (2.5" and 2.75" diameters)
      • A set of side drop patterns: one for straight and one for tapered
      • A set of trailers patterns: one for single-panel and one for two-strip
      • A vest back pattern and a set of vest front patterns: one with a flat bottom and one with a pointed bottom
      • A belt pattern
      • A cuffs pattern
    • Patterns are printed on sturdy white paper, not tissue paper (see picture in sidebar)
    • A sheet of paper listing the items you need to buy to make the outfit in the size you chose

Note that this DOES NOT INCLUDE a notebook, instructions, or labeled PatternKeeper pouches, so you'll need to do that for yourself. All you will be receiving is the printed full-size patterns and a sheet of paper with the items to buy to make the outfit.

(The notebook system was created for people to have a library of our patterns that would keep all of the pieces and instructions together and in good condition, so we strongly recommend purchasing the full Mens Traditional Pattern Book for this reason.)

If you're not sure what size you need, you can look at the Mens Size Chart.