Girls Fancy Shawl Outfit Pattern Book

Patterns Girls Fancy Shawl

Choice of one Girls size pattern (shawl, dress, vest, and leggings) 18/24 months — 14/16

$ 40.00

When you purchase the Girls Fancy Shawl Pattern Book (for girls size 18/24 Months to 14/16) in your choice of size, you get:

    • Choice of one size of girls pattern from 18/24 months to 14/16 (shawl, dress, vest, and leggings)
    • If you choose one size from girls 18/24 months to 4/5 the pattern will come with two complete versions (regular and full cut);
    • If you choose one size from girls sizes 5/6-14/16 the pattern will come with three complete versions (regular, full cut, and slim)
    • Patterns printed on sturdy white paper, not tissue paper (see picture in sidebar)
    • Detailed instructions on making a Girls Fancy Shawl outfit (shawl, dress, vest, cape, and leggings)
    • Colored photos and illustrations to make the 45+ pages of instructions even clearer
    • A measuring tape (see picture in sidebar) 
    • A seam ripper (see picture in sidebar)
    • A notebook with a set of pouches to hold your cut patterns and store your instructions
(The full package weighs in at around 4 lbs.) If you're not sure what size you need, you can look at the Girls Size Chart.

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