Regalia Making and Sewing Guide

Contains general information on how to create all types of regalia; does NOT include patterns or instructions for making a specific regalia type (see Pattern Books (sold separately) for specific info)

$ 60.00

When you purchase the Regalia Making and Sewing Guide, you get a jam-packed binder (weighs about 4 lbs.) that's full of a ton of useful information (over 200 pages!) to help you create regalia using the same methods our family uses to make over 600 outfits a year.

The Regalia Making and Sewing Guide is divided into these sections:

    • Getting Started -- How to get started making regalia, including setting up your sewing area, supplies and equipment you'll need, sewing and regalia terms and their definitions, and the basics of sewing
    • Measurement Guide -- How to measure for an outfit - with pictures, along with a chart that includes body and finished measurements for Fancy Shawl, Jingle Dress, and Traditional outfits (girls sizes 18/24 months to 14/16 and womens sizes 6/8 to 18/20), and Grass Dance, Chicken Dance, Fancy, and Traditional (boys sizes 18/24 months to 14/16 and mens sizes Small to XX-Large), plus a set of blank measurement sheets you can fill in when starting to sew a new outfit
    • Buying Guide -- Covers different kinds of fabric and their use and the types of fabrics to avoid, swatches of different kinds of fabrics and interfacing so you know exactly what type to buy, charts for determining how much fabric/ribbon/bias tape/jingles/etc. to buy for each kind of outfit, and shopping checklists
    • Designing Appliqués -- A guide for how to choose the kind of appliqué to make, how to design an appliqué, and suggestions for applique placement to create the most flattering outfit
    • Sewing Tips/FAQs -- Sewing tips including using correct needles, what kinds of stitches and adjustments your sewing machine should be able to do, how to get the most out of your fabric, ribbons, and bias tape, and answers to frequently asked questions


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