Suede Cloth

Solid, soft, heavyweight fabric that is great for Jingle Dress and Mens/Womens Traditional accessories including collars, cuffs, purses, bandolier bags, or for leggings, vests, aprons, side drops, and trailers. Easy to appliqué on.

Makes great accessories when used with Cotton Calico fabric for "old style" Jingle Dresses and Traditional outfits. Bridal Satin also makes wonderful appliqués on suede!

Not only can you appliqué on it but you can also bead on it and make moccasins, vamps, and cuffs.

60" wide, 100% polyester, machine washable (although you get better results if you hand-wash it)

(Computer monitors may show colors differently and the dye lot may change from time to time, so if you need a sample to make sure it matches, please contact us.)


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