Size 11 Seed Beads (Retro/Limited Edition)

Size 11 Preciosa seed beads sold by Liza Green (Ho Chunk)
These beads were collected by Liza Green from the late 1980s through the 1990s. They cannot be reordered so get them while they are in stock! – Price is per hank

Dye lots can vary from year to year with some being a slight variation from the original color while others are an entirely new color. Changes in dye lots can be frustrating when you are trying to get a large quantity of beads for the background of a project. However, the varying shades of a single color can be used to create gradations or an ombre effect in beadwork by using older dye lots to bridge between two shades of current bead colors. The dye lots that are completely different from the original color can be used to create unique designs as they add to range of shades in a color family.

When beading with size 11 seed beads, use size D Nymo thread and size 11 beading needles or sharps needles for lazy stitch and the double-threaded stringing needle or the single-threaded tacking needle for doing two-needle appliqué/flat stitch.

For Peyote beading, use Size 11 or 12 beading needles or sharps needles and size B Nymo thread as the thread will need to pass through the beads twice. 

Don't forget to wax the threads at the beginning and during the project to prevent the thread from getting tangled or breaking.