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Size 11 Preciosa seed beads sold by Liza Green (Ho Chunk)
57 colors in stock

Size 11 seed beads are good for beading moccasins, vests, fully beaded traditional women’s dresses and sets for all dance styles, top sets (hair ties, barrette, choker, drop, headband, and earrings) for Jingle Dress, Fancy Shawl, and Traditional styles, purses, bandolier bags, and other beadwork. They are small enough to show detail in patterns like floral and Plains style beadwork and still large enough to fill in backgrounds quickly.

When beading with size 11 seed beads, use size D Nymo thread and size 11 beading needles or sharps needles for lazy stitch and the double-threaded stringing needle or the single-threaded tacking needle for doing two-needle appliqué/flat stitch.

For Peyote beading, use Size 11 or 12 beading needles or sharps needles and size B Nymo thread as the thread will need to pass through the beads twice. 

Don't forget to wax the threads at the beginning and during the project to prevent the thread from getting tangled or breaking.

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